March Madness Poll: Pick Your 2017 Champion


In no particular order, here are some ways people choose their bracket(s):

  • Based on statistics
  • Teams wearing their favorite colors
  • Flipping a coin
  • Throwing darts
  • Teams with their favorite mascot
  • Which egg doesn’t break (is this a thing?)

My brackets are typically done for fun; no money on the line. This keeps me from rooting for Duke, North Carolina, Michigan (when they get in), Kentucky, Syracuse, and Kansas.

None of what I said really matters, though, because we are here to choose our 2017 champion. Right? Right.

Make your choice. Sound off in the comments who your favorite is. Sound off who you want to see crash and burn during the first round.

Bonus: Syracuse didn’t even make the tournament. That’s one win already!


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