Viewer Review: Logan


As many know by now, Logan is Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine (seems pretty committed to hanging up his claws). Kind of sucks, but it’s a reality we all knew was coming.

Hugh didn’t want to commit to a final Wolverine installment until he felt it would be better than The Wolverine (great approach!). Having the pleasure of experiencing Logan today, I can safely say they got it right…it’s a damn near perfect ending to an era!

The good stuff:

  • Hugh: was this ever in question?
  • Patrick Stewart: picture perfect Professor X gives his best performance yet!
  • Dafne Keen: don’t take her Pringles!
  • The lovely red stuff: it’s about time adamantium claws did some damage (they really do)
  • Ending (no spoilers)
  • Villain not shown in trailers
  • Foul-mouthed Logan: may want to leave the kiddies home

The not-so-good stuff:

  • Primary villains (excludes the one mentioned above) are kind of weak
  • A couple of questionable decisions made by our trio (not Laura’s fault)
  • No more Hugh as Wolverine

I don’t think I have ever watched a movie twice during its theatrical run. Logan may make me break this streak. Go see it!


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