Super Bowl 51 Movie Trailer Roundup


Umm…nope! Not even Sir Anthony Hopkins can save this.

I am Groot!! Love that ending with Drax.

Kind of a mix between Shutter Island and something you would see in a Stephen King universe. Think I may be on board with this one.

ALL. IN!! Everything shown on Logan has been gold.

Blu-ray rental.

Wait…Pirates of the Carribean is still a thing?

Like Charlie Day. Like Ice Cube (rapper and actor). Can’t say the same aboutĀ Fist Fight.

Got nothing.

Anime is on my watchlist. Trailers definitely have me sold on the movie.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi…especially one carrying anĀ Alien vibe.


Bring it on! Season 1 was great.




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