March Madness Poll: Pick Your 2017 Champion


In no particular order, here are some ways people choose their bracket(s):

  • Based on statistics
  • Teams wearing their favorite colors
  • Flipping a coin
  • Throwing darts
  • Teams with their favorite mascot
  • Which egg doesn’t break (is this a thing?)

My brackets are typically done for fun; no money on the line. This keeps me from rooting for Duke, North Carolina, Michigan (when they get in), Kentucky, Syracuse, and Kansas.

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You’re Going The Wrong Way!


Dumb-dumb #1: The cop is directly in front of us. What do we do?

Dumb-dumb #2: Let’s pull the ole’ swticheroo: I’ll climb over you into your seat, as you slide under me into my seat. They’ll never see it coming!

Dumb-dumb #1: I need a drink.

Here is the original story.

Viewer Review: Logan


As many know by now, Logan is Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine (seems pretty committed to hanging up his claws). Kind of sucks, but it’s a reality we all knew was coming.

Hugh didn’t want to commit to a final Wolverine installment until he felt it would be better than The Wolverine (great approach!). Having the pleasure of experiencing Logan today, I can safely say they got it right…it’s a damn near perfect ending to an era!

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My Fearless Dog


Let me introduce you to my fearless dog, Jax (above). Jax has been a part of my life for about one and a half years. Honestly, couldn’t have asked for a better companion.

Jax has a very unique personality, one you will get to know if you continue following my blog. Tons of energy, goofy, always happy…scared of doors.

Yep, you read that last part right: he has never liked doors. More specifically, he hates closed (sometimes open) closet doors. Not sure what it is about them that puts him on edge, he’s just not a fan.

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Best. Super Bowl Commercial. Ever!

Yep, the Tide to Go talking stain ad from Super Bowl XLII (42).

The commercial in its entirety is funny…no question there. Around 20-21 seconds is the part that elevates it to another, ultimately hilarious level, though.

If you forgot there were two human beings involved with a job interview, no worries, they are simply there as fillers. Mr. Pear Stain (kind of looks like a pear) is the real star here!